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In order to apply please click on the unit you are interested in. You may call our office to check to see if this unit is still available, if there are any other applications on this unit and what the qualifications are at (562)594-5595. Please make sure to pay the application fee. This payment must be made and you must upload all necessary documents to further process your application.

You will need to supply a CLEAR copy of your:

1. Drivers License

2. Social Security Card

3. Current Pay Stubs

4. Last 3 Full Bank Statements

5. Pay application fee of $40 (Non Refundable)

---Please call to confirm unit is still available.


All applicants, including tenants and cosigners, 18yrs old and above must submit their application. You may fax or email your documents into the office:


Fax: (562)431-0299


Not all above units include the same type of parking space. Please ask the onsite manager what parking space is included with the unit you are interested in and view it in person. 

We are no longer renting to applicants with dogs. Only cats are allowed. If you are renting with a cat, there will be a pet deposit and pet rent. 

Thank you for visiting our website!

The property must be available to rent and be in rentable condition before a decision to approve can be made. Multiple applicants may be received on any one unit and the most qualified application will be approved. If another applicant is chosen, you can  look for another available unit on our website: If property is not in rentable condition or it is not available in the appropriate time, you may choose another property and you will be re-evaluated when that property is available. You may apply before the property is available but additional documents and verifications may apply when the unit or property is available. If the unit or property is not available or you have not chosen a unit or property, your application will be in on hold in still looking, or incomplete. If you are still looking or incomplete you can resubmit proof of income or documents within 6 months of applying. Inactive applications may be held for up to 6 months while you are looking for a unit. We may have to reverify or re-request additional documents when you re-apply for another available unit.  You will have to re-apply if your application has been inactive or incomplete after 6 months.  Applicants must have proof of rental history. If you are denied or change the status or terms of your application, including the number of occupants, during the evaluation process you will have to reapply after 6 months.  Please call if you have any questions.

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